About Raichur

Raichur, nick named as Doab, lies between the rivers of Tunga-Bhadra and Krishna. The Raichur district shares it borders with the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is part of the Hyderabad Karnataka Region of Karnataka State.

Raichur has special place in the annals of History, for it was geographical a strategic area for both the Vijayanagara Empire and the Sultanate of Vijayapura(erstwhile Bijapur). Raichur was the ‘War Theatre’ for the famous battle between the Krishna Devaraya and the Sultan Of Bijapur (present Vijayapura) fought on the banks of river Krishna.

Raichur has given many Saints, Sufis and Social reformers who at different times of history have contributed towards social harmony and spiritual enlightenment of the society.

Raichur, once very popular for cotton market, continues to be the ‘Rice Bowl’ of the Karnataka State’. Raichur is well connected by Road and the Railways to the different part of the state and the country. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad is 200 Km from Raichur.

Raichur also has the famous Hutti Gold Mines, one of the largest and Oldest Gold Mining centre of the nation.

Raichur also claims fame for having Raichur Thermal Power Station arguably one of the efficient and the largest in the country. Establishment of Southern Power grid on the out skirts of the city puts it on the national map of Power Grids.

Raichur, in recent times, has experienced growth in education centres, both professional and traditional. Raichur has 3 Engineering and 2 Medical colleges. Raichur also boasts of having a University of Agricultural Sciences.

About our College

Our College is established, funded and governed by the Government of Karnataka. The Ministry of Higher Education, The Principal Secretary, The Commissioner of Collegiate Education and the Joint Director, Regional Office Kalburgi (erstwhile Gulbarga) are in charge of administrative set up. Our college is affiliated to Gulbarga University, Kalburgi.

Our College was established in the year 2006 on in the premises of Government Pre-University College. At present it has its own building and offers 05 Under Graduate courses and 03 Post Graduate Courses. It is one of the largest, in the terms of student enrolment, higher education institution among the affiliated colleges. There are 2038 students enrolled for different courses for the academic year 2016-17.

Our college has experienced and dedicated teachers. There are writers, among the teachers whose books have been published and are recommended as texts for Under Graduate courses. Dr Dastagirsab Dinni, Assistant Professor, Kannada has Published Adhunik Kavya’ and the same is recommended as text for B.Com I semester by the Gulbarga University Kalburgi.

The teaching faculty take part in research and writing activities. Almost every faculty has either published or presented a paper of academic importance. The teachers actively participate in Seminars, Workshops and conferences at State and National level. Quite a few teachers are Doctorates, several others have submitted their theses for the award of Ph.D degree and still others are on the verge of submission.

Our college extends financial support to students through Scholarships provided by the different departments of the Government and facilitates to get other Scholarships to eligible students.

Our college has a very good library with full time librarian, this academic year standard journals are subscribed for the benefits of students and the teachers.

Our college has good academic record. The Post Graduate Department of Political Science has produced three Gold Medallists for three consecutive academic years from 2102-13 to 2014-15.

Our students have also brought laurels by excelling in the field of sports and athletics. Several students have represented the University team in various games and sports.

As a centre for learning there is always room for improvement and innovation to achieve new heights, we as a team thrive to keep pace with the changes and equip ourselves to do better for the stake holders and for the nation.